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The System

If there's one place a child should feel safe, it's at home!

Our goal at  Life Saver Pool Fence of Central Florida is to protect every home that has a swimming pool. Besides your supervision, pool safety fencing is the most important layer of protection between your child and your pool.

Life Saver Pool Fence  offers a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to provide a safety barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. The fence is installed in sections making it easier for an adult to take down and store, when, and if needed. 

Life Saver Standard Pool Fence

Our standard fence is 4 feet high, comes in 15' sections with posts spaced every 3' (36 inches) and utilizing reinforced standard aluminum support poles.  It is our most popular model of fence. The 4 foot height is used as the standard for US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations for pool safety fencing. It is also the height required by most states and counties that have passed laws requiring pool isolation barriers for child safety.  Color is all black which is the easiest to see through and maintain.


  • Polyester mesh fabric provides years of use in all weather conditions.
  • Double Stitch bordering, sewn with durable marine thread, reinforces essential sections of the pool fence.
  • Double Layer reinforced aluminum support poles are the backbone of your system.
  • Self Closing, Self-Latching gate option provides additional convenience and security.
  • Tension based support provides superior stability.
  • Round head fasteners and rounded moldings mean there are no sharp edges.
  • UV Resistant components protect your pool fence from the sun.
  • Quality Products Backed By Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Life Saver Premium Pool Fence:
Life Saver  Pool Fence is proud to announce that our Premium Life Saver Fence has been awarded a US Patent in June of 2019. 

  • Textilene® mesh provides years of use in all weather conditions with a strength rating of 387 lbs per square inch.
  • QuadStitch bordering, created with strongest marine thread, reinforces essential sections of the fence.
  • Triple-Reinforced Thicker Core and Solid Base Poles exceed all local safety requirements
  • Self-Closing, Self-Latching gate options provide added security
  • Tension-based support providing superior stability
  • Round-head fasteners and rounded edges mean there are no sharp edges
  • UV Resistant components protect your above ground or inground pool fence from sun damage

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